Below is the base price of all Rocktop programs. It is important that players understand that school, flights, and food are all additional costs, and will be included appropriately. In order to reserve a spot at Rocktop Academy, one must pay the deposit of the program of their choosing. Although payment schedule is adjustable, pricing is not. For an adjustable payment option please call a staff member under the ‘Contact’ page.

Rocktop Academy outsources all education. Post Grads that require one class post graduation per NCAA regulation will be billed separately for the additional class. High School students that require schooling will be billed and cooperate with the school directly. Although the staff may recommend academic options, Rocktop Academy is a basketball program and not a school.

On the prep school circuit, it is important not to take financial shortcuts to increase profit. Rocktop Academy expenses are as follows; gym/facility cost, housing, tournament/game fees, transportation, marketing, web development, insurance, training, storage, furniture, food, jerseys, employees, and bad debt expense. Each expense is necessary to provide our athletes the best prep experience possible. Providing our athletes with facilities, training, and/or expertise that is not up to Rocktop Academy standards is detrimental to our mission of helping our basketball players play at the college level.