The most important strategic partnership that Rocktop Academy has is with, a basketball recruiting service that specializes in helping players find schools and schools find players.

Below are advantages that Basketball Finders allows Rocktop Academy:

  • Access to a Recruit Management System that allows players to contact 97% of all coaching staffs in the country (email and phone number) – DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, JUCO
  • Insight into whether a coach is looking at player, viewing their emails, and looking at their profile
  • The ability to find best fit colleges based on basketball level, academic fit, school size, major availability, acceptance rate, and scholarship money offered
  • The ability to access and manipulate a player’s algorithm to help our players find their best fit schools
  • An online basketball resume that is a reliable endorsement for a players basketball, skill, and talent level
  • Entry into basketball exposure events that would otherwise only allow entry based on a players basketball merit
  • Training and recruiting tips to help players communicate with coaches