What separates Rocktop Academy from other prep schools. Rocktop Academy is a prep school with three locations that can accept student athletes at the high school, post grad (graduating seniors or 5th year seniors), and junior college level. During the 2017-2018 season, three players received Division I scholarships and four received Division II and Division I JUCO offers. But what separates Rocktop Academy from any other basketball prep school across the country is their accomplished sports marketers, elite schedule and NBA level training.

The core competence of Rocktop Academy is their ability to market their brand and players better than any other prep school in the country. This ability is a direct result of their sole goal; to produce college basketball players. Rocktop Academy is exposure. They play the best schedule in the country to provide their athletes the experience necessary to play in college. They partnered with Basketball Finders, the number one free recruiting service in the country, to guarantee that our athletes get the recognition they deserve and the ability to access to every college coach in the country. Their coaches are hired based on their resourcefulness to find colleges for their athletes. If a player has the capability to play at the college level, Rocktop Academy is the best prep school to get recognition.

Rocktop Academy has one of the best prep school schedules in the country. With more than 40 games across the US, Rocktop offers their athletes the opportunity to showcase their talents to coaches all over the country. During the 2017-2018 prep year, Rocktop played against Westtown, IMG, Massanutten, St Thomas Moore, Canarias Basketball Academy (Spain), and many more. Rocktop Academy strategically plays against top teams that have other Division I players. The competition at Rocktop prepares their athletes to play and succeed at the college level.


Finally, Rocktop Academy players succeed in college. Their NBA level training and basketball expertise is unmatched by other prep schools. The Rocktop coaches all played basketball and/or coached it at a high level. Rocktop players are known to get better and be ready to play at the college level by the end of their prep school tenure.

Rocktop Academy is the premier prep school for players looking to play basketball at the collegiate level. With top tier prep schools deteriorating, Rocktop Academy continues to be a beacon for the prep community.